The Ultimate Guide To Texas BBQ By Region

Friday, October 23rd, 2020
Texas bbq regional style. BBQ in Amarillo Texas

Texas BBQ cannot be easily defined, despite it being a subcategory of regional barbeque. You’ll find that barbecue found in Texas has subtle variations that adapt from region to region. It’s a wonderful visualization of how a region can be symbolized by the food unique to the area. 

Texas Panhandle 

The barbecue of the Texas panhandle is similar to that of Central Texas in that the sauce is thinner and less sweet than other varieties. The meats used are beef ribs, chicken, brisket, pork ribs, and sausage. What sets the barbecue of the panhandle apart, however, is that it is usually served with onion rings and an onion puree. 

West Texas

West Texas barbeque is what we usually call “cowboy style”. With this regional variety, you’ll find that meats such as goat, beef, and mutton are frequently used. The “cowboy style” comes in when the meats are cooked with more direct heat than the other varieties. Mesquite wood is commonly used in the cooking, and the tomato-based sauce is seasoned with chili peppers and spice–showing strong Mexican influences. 

Central Texas

Central Texas boasts German and Czech influences. Its sauce, much like the Panhandle style, is thinner and less sweet along with using beef ribs, chicken, brisket, pork ribs, and sausage. It is defined by its sides of crackers, pickled vegetables, and sauce on the side. 

East Texas

In East Texas, the meat is served chopped, not sliced. And not only that, you’ll find East Texas bbq served up in a deliciously messy sandwich, rather than served as is on a plate. Beef and pork reign king with this regional bbq and it is served with a thick and sweet sauce that is tomato-based and an indicator of African roots. 

South Texas 

Barbecue found in South Texas is as close to Mexican cuisine while still remaining uniquely Texan as you can get. It is characterized by the completely different cuts of meats used, such as cow diaphragm, head, and even tongue (it’s delicious, pinkie promise)! In lieu of traditional bbq sauce, guacamole or salsa is used. 

North Texas

North Texan barbecue is unique in how it is a perfect blend of all the Texan barbeque styles! You’ll find all the different sauces used, the same influences, and all the meats you can possibly think of. It’s an inclusive smorgasbord of barbecue that you won’t find in the other regions!

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