Three Reasons to Have BBQ Catered to Your Wedding

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019
BBQ restaurant in Amarillo Texas that does catering for weddings

The south is rich in history, one being the famous barbecues. These incredible meals can be traced back to before the civil war and are a southern favorite today. Catering barbecue for your wedding will be both enjoyed and appreciated by your guests. There are many other reasons BBQ is a perfect choice for you to have catered on your special day. Keep reading to find out!

Barbecues are a part of your Southern heritage

The south prepares some of the best barbecues in the country. Catering BBQ as your wedding feast will ensure you are getting a mouth-watering meal your guests will enjoy. Today’s restaurants follow family recipes created long ago that over time have proven themselves to taste fantastic.

Barbecue experts such as Dyer’s Bar-B-Que use meat rubs and sauces that have been developed over the years and improved until they have reached perfection. Recipes made from scratch ingredients have proven over time to create the best flavors, and Dyer’s uses these along with new favorites that customers rave about.

Barbecues bring people together. What better way to celebrate your special day than serving the the best meal in the county to all of your family and friends?

Barbecues Will Satisfy All Guests

Barbecues have become known as comfort food. Guests attending your celebration will recognize and enjoy this meal as one they are comfortable with and know how to eat. You don’t have to worry about a formal sit-down dinner where guests are unsure of which fork to use. A barbecue can be served with paper plates and plastic forks. If you want a more elegant look, it can be spread out on a nicely decorated buffet table.

Before you send your guests out on the dance floor in celebration of your vows, make sure they have a full stomach. A wedding meal serving catered BBQ is going to be a hit with everyone and have them ready to continue your celebration.

Catered Barbecues Are More Affordable

Barbecue foods are easier to prepare and more accessible to find making it a more affordable option. Weddings are expensive and finding a way to fit your reception meal into the budget isn’t always easy. Some wedding couples find they have to cut the guest list down in order to afford to feed everyone. A catered BBQ will enable you to include more friends and family without going over the budget.

If you are looking for catering that comes with options, BBQ is the perfect one for you. Choose from chicken, flame-kissed steaks, or mouthwatering prime rib for your reception meal. Catering BBQ also allows you to visit with your guests, leaving the set up to an experienced catering staff that will make sure your guest’s needs are met.

BBQ Catering In Amarillo, Texas

Contact Dyer’s Bar-B-Que today at (806) 358-7104 and discover how you can serve the best southern meal at your wedding reception. Whether you are looking to feed a guest list of 15 or 800, we can handle it! We can accommodate you with exceptional catering services and your choice of menu.

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