Steakhouse Secrets To A Great Steak

Saturday, September 7th, 2019

What’s the secret to those juicy, delicious steaks you find at a restaurant? There’s a reason why most of us go out to eat and fork over the money for a phenomenal cut of beef. And that reason is: somehow, it’s better than what we could ever grill ourselves. But how? Why do steakhouse steaks taste better?

There’s a few tricks these restaurants have up their sleeve, and we’ll let you in on a few of them. Not only will you appreciate the dining experience, you might even have a fair shot at recreating a steakhouse-worthy masterpiece.

Top Notch Cuts

If a restaurant is known for their delicious steaks, chances are that they purchase the top grade of beef: USDA Prime. This is high-quality beef that accounts for only 2% of beef production in the United States. 

This beef can come from cattle that grazes on different grasses from various parts of the country. By working with local butchers or smaller suppliers,  restaurants and steakhouses are quick to claim the top tier meat cuts. As a result, you’re not likely to find USDA Prime grade beef in grocery stores.

No Freezing

When meat is put in a freezer, the muscle fibers toughen. As a result, steakhouses avoid putting meat in the freezer upon delivery. This is a large part of how they ensure the meat’s tenderness. 

Controlled Aging

Aging the beef, or letting the meat sit for a period of time, can enhance the flavor and tenderness of a cut. Proper aging is done under very controlled conditions to prevent spoiling or contamination of the meat. It is also difficult for the average person to do without running a high risk of food poisoning. 

Instead of attempting to age meat and run the risk of food borne illness, see if you can find a reliable source of aged meat in your local meat market. 

High HeatInfrared oven steak

One of the main secrets to an amazing steak is high heat that is in direct contact with the meat. Some restaurants still grill their steaks, but the majority use infrared ovens or broilers. The flat, even surface can cook cuts of meat at blazing temperatures. 

If you’re bound and determined to recreate a steakhouse-worthy steak at home, you could certainly invest in similar equipment. But an alternative would be to invest in a quality pan, as the key here is to ensure an even surface that comes in direct contact with the meat. 

The Flavoring

Great steak has flavor! And this favor comes from the meat itself as well as a little bit of seasoning. You’ll usually find that simple ingredients like coarsely ground black pepper, salt, and butter are the added flavor for restaurant-style steals. 

The salt and steak are arguably the most important elements in how great steak is made. When the meat comes into contact with a blazing hot surface the fat will begin to caramelize. As butter is added, the caramelization will incorporate the succulent and rich properties of this addition. 

The salt used in the seasoning is what seals the meat surface as it caramelizes. This sealing is what ensures the incredible juiciness of a great steak.

These secrets to great steak from a restaurant are what keep you coming back for more. And while they may not be easily replicated at home, you’re bound to have a gustatory adventure in all efforts! 


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