Love Texas BBQ? Here’s How Your Favorites Are Prepared!

Thursday, February 27th, 2020
BBQ brisket, sausage and ribs at Dyer's Bar-B-Que in Amarillo, Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the flavors. BBQ is a Lone Star tradition and the popularity of this unique style of food has won the state a national spotlight for incredible tastes. If you are looking to try the best BBQ in the country or love Texas BBQ, the following can help you learn how it is usually prepared.

BBQ styles in Texas

There are varying styles of BBQ in different parts of the state. You will find barbacoa in South Texas and chopped beef in the East. West Texas features more of a direct heat style cooking. In Central Texas, they use slow, indirect heat to make BBQ brisket. Each area specializes in their own style to create an incredible meal, but all types of BBQ can be found throughout the state.

Beef or pork?

Texans are known to use more beef than pork in BBQ. The beef preference comes from their history in the cattle industry and the belief that beef has more flavor than pork. The brisket used in barbecuing has two portions called the flat and the fat. When you’re ordering your cut, you may have the option of asking for a cut from the side of your preference. The ‘fat’ side is said to contain more flavor, because the fat melts into the meat combining with smoky flavors of oak, hickory, or mesquite. No matter which side your plate comes from, you will have a first-class taste of Texas BBQ.

Brisket makes any Texas BBQ meal complete. One true measure of a pitmaster’s skill is said to be how they cook brisket, and how it is served with an array of condiments. The condiment station is sometimes loaded with white bread, pickles, and white onions that you can enjoy along with your meat. Other BBQ restaurants may offer sides instead of condiments, like fries, baked potatoes, or salads.

Preparing the meat

Many BBQ pitmasters prefer to use a hardwood fire to carefully cook their meat overnight. Some of the masters in Texas use hickory or mesquite, and with a learned skill, will manage the fire throughout the night. Brisket cannot be cooked too fast or too hot, or the protein won’t be able to form a tender cut of meat. A properly cooked brisket can take up to twenty hours to gain a pitmaster’s approval.

Some BBQ restaurants have such a high volume of customers that they cannot realistically take twenty hours to prepare their food. In these situations, they have begun using smokers with a gas assist function. Regulations on smokers and space considerations complicate the use of these machines, so sometimes cooking is done outside. When a chef has to cook brisket outdoors in this type of appliance, it further tests their skills.

The flavors are not usually complicated

Traditional Texas BBQ makes its name through a great taste achieved by using simple ingredients. You might sometimes taste a hint of cayenne pepper, or garlic, but usually, it is simply rubbed with black pepper and salt. These seasonings enhance the flavor of the meat. BBQ sauce is also commonly used to create this mouthwatering food.

The wait is worth the taste

If this is the first time you are going to experience Texas BBQ, be prepared to wait. The line outside of many establishments can last between thirty minutes and two hours. The taste will be well worth the wait.

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