7 Tips For Finding The Best Caterer For Your Next Event

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020
BBQ Catering for events in Amarillo, Texas

If you are planning a large scale event, you will want to find an experienced caterer. One that can handle corporate gatherings, parties, family reunions, and wedding receptions. Whether it’s BBQ, Mexican food, or Italian food, doing your research is worth the effort. Here are some tips that can help you find a professional catering company for your event.

Gather Suggestions and Word Of Mouth Recommendations

Researching catering companies online or calling them are important steps, but getting recommendations from people you know is also vital. A suggestion from a trusted friend or acquaintance can narrow down your decision. You should also pay attention to negative reviews, whether they are online or from a customer the caterer has worked with.

Set Up a Food Tasting Session With The Catering Company

You should not have any problem setting up a food tasting session with a caterer that provides meals for large scale events. The details about the food they provide should be important to you and to them. Find out what kind of ingredients they use and how they season and cook the food. If it’s BBQ or Mexican food, be sure to ask about sides and sauces.

Make Sure The Caterer Can Handle The Event

Some catering companies handle small and intimate events, while others have experience in managing big events. Make sure that the catering company you choose has experience and the equipment to professionally serve a large number of guests. If a caterer claims that they can provide any service you want, verify this by looking for reviews and checking out their website and social media.

Think About The Kind of Services You Need

After you find out which services are offered by catering companies in your area, make a list of the actual needs for your event. Do you need food preparation, delivery, set up, or all of these? For the answers to these questions, think about the type of event you will be having.

A more formal affair may require plated service, so you will need a caterer with the experience and equipment to handle those events. A casual catered event may need food preparation and set-up with only one server. Be sure to check out the types of catering services on the company’s website or call and ask what they provide.

Get References From Previous Clients

Before you select a catering company, ask them for a few references. They should be willing to provide you with names of clients and referrals to events that they have provided services for. It may be easier to get references from businesses rather than individuals, so considering looking at online reviews as well.

Contact The Local Health Department to Check For Complaints

Catering companies are subject to regulations and possible licensing at your local health department. You can contact the health department to find out if there are any records of complaints or issues regarding specific establishments. If you do find any, you might consider using a different catering company or verifying that they have been fixed. The Better Business Bureau in your area is another good place to check for business complaints.

Get a Quote For The Catering Services

Your last step in hiring a caterer should be to ask them for a price quote. Make sure to ask for the bottom line price because the charges will vary for different events. It may be a warning sign if your caterer drops the price of their services or increases it too much.

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