3 Great Beers To Drink With Your Ribeye Steak

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020
beer to drink with ribeye. Dyer's BBQ in Amarillo Texas

Few things go hand-in-hand better than beer and grilled meat. Different beers bring out different flavors for each meat. The answer to “what drink pairs best with what” is what suits your personal preference. So if you’re wondering what is the best beer to drink with your steak, the good news is that there is no correct answer, only your favorite match; the bad news is that you may feel somewhat unsure of where to start.

The solution is to get specific about the meat and the cut.

For this short guide, we’ll choose the heavyweight champion of beef: Ribeye Steak.

Three Great Choices of Beer to Drink with Ribeye Steak

Different cuts of steak have their own qualities. And the rib-eye steak is characterized by its robust flavor that comes from its fatty marbling. These are tender and juicy steaks that have a distinctly different taste from other cuts of beef. If you pair a beer with sirloin, the nuances will be different than if you drink that beer with ribeye.

So what is the best beer to drink with ribeye steak?

That’s actually for you to find out, but below is a look at three excellent suggested pairings for you to start with. Next time you go for a rib-eye steak on the menu (or grill one at home), order one of these beers to drink when you have your meal. You can start with these three suggestions to get a good idea of the flavors that are highlighted by each pairing and if none are to your liking, experiment until you find your perfect pairing of beer and steak!

Imperial Stout

The strongest in alcohol and body of the Stout beers. These usually have a very rich and malty flavor along with a sweet aroma. There may be an a bitterness that comes from roasted malts or hop additions.

This bold, oaky beer is usually paired with rich desserts. But, the hearty flavor and sheer size of the rib eye steak can make for a powerful duo. This combination packs a flavorful punch and isn’t for the faint of heart!

Cream Ales

An American Cream Ale is a cold fermented ale that is light bodied and comparatively mild in flavor. Slightly more bitter than macro lagers and often boasting hints of fruity flavors, the cream ale has subdued malt and hops profiles. This makes for a unique beer that is in a class of its own from lagers and pilsners.

This is an excellent beer to drink with ribeye steak. It can slake your thirst while allowing the bold flavors of the meat shine.

India Pale Ale

India Pale Ales fall within the broad category of pale ales and are characterized by a hoppy, bitter taste that is balanced out by fruity undertones. It works well as a beer to drink with ribeye steak because the malts of an IPA serve to counteract the fattiness of the cut.

The IPA may be a surprising suggestion for a beer to pair with ribeye steak due to its boldly bitter taste. However, if you select a hop-forward IPA that leans towards a more citrusy flavor profile, you’ll find that it is an excellent complement to the juicy tenderness of ribeye.

Don’t be afraid to explore!

We’ve given you three suggestions for what beers to pair with your ribeye steak. You can try these combinations, but if none of them seem quite right to you–explore! There is no exact science to finding out what your favorite drink and steak pairing is, it’s all about what you enjoy.

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