What Is Texas BBQ?

While most residents are familiar with the classic Lone Star dish, there are a few basics of Texas BBQ that those new to the state may not be aware of. Texas BBQ, also known as “cowboy style,” is slow-cooked using pecan, hickory, oak or mesquite smoke to cook native beef to the point of falling off the bone. The meat is typically prepared with a rub of spices, then served with a ketchup-based sauce.

History of Texas BBQ

Barbecue is said to have come to America in the 17th Century through Caribbean slaves traded in the Carolinas. In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson featured Texas BBQ at a state dinner for the Mexican President-elect. The event was held in Johnson City and is considered the first dinner of its stature to feature barbecue.

Preparation of Texas BBQ

Preparing Texas BBQ requires acquired skills and is generally labor intensive. Building a fire of smoky wood, then choosing the right cuts of lean Texas beef, is just the start of a pitmaster’s chore. Most equate Texas BBQ with a sauce-slathered brisket, but the more tender shoulder clod is becoming increasingly popular for barbecue enthusiasts. The clod is a combination of the beef shoulder area and includes muscles that are, overall, more tender than a brisket. Since there are several muscles and a variety of tenderness to consider, slow, low temperature cooking is generally the best method of preparation.

Seasoning and other traditional BBQ enhancers

Whether a brisket, a clod, or another delicious cut of Texas beef, seasoning with rubs adds distinctive flavor. Most rubs are based in a mixture of salt and pepper, adding spices that may retain the meat’s moisture. Other rubs can evolve into a type of dry marinade.

When a perfectly-prepared chunk of beef comes off the spit, it’s ready for saucing. The beef is laid near traditional side dishes like slow cooked pinto beans, fresh potato salad, and coleslaw. True Texas BBQ restaurants serve crispy onion rings and even stewed apricots to enhance the taste of the smoky beef.

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