How To Enjoy Family Meal Time While Traveling

Traveling is a great time to reconnect with your spouse and kids. Be sure to take the time to stop, get out of the car and actually sit with your family to eat a wholesome meal. There are many benefits to family meal time, even when traveling. However, there are some guidelines to follow in order to have a more meaningful time at the table. Along with these guidelines, if you and your family are traveling near the Texas Panhandle, you can all enjoy BBQ during meal time.

Benefits of family meal time while traveling

Give yourself plenty of time for sitting down to eat, relax and enjoy those moments with your spouse and children. Eating in a hurry defeats the purpose of having a family meal time. Meal time is great for discussing today’s events or for planning the rest of the trip.

Traveling a great distance can make anyone restless. Meal time gives you the opportunity to get away from the car. Picking a casual restaurant for meal time will let the kids relax and get rid of any pent up energy they might have. After relaxing, take some time to learn about your location. Talk to the locals, walk around and see some of the sights.

Be open to trying new foods. Sometimes it is tempting to stick with what you know the kids will eat. Try a local restaurant instead. You can find some of the best food, great customer service, and new flavors in the process. By eating at someplace new to the whole family, it will become a more memorable time.

A sit-down restaurant usually offers foods that are much more nutritious than what you are served at fast food restaurants. You can feel better that your family is well fed without the need for fast food’s empty calories.

The guidelines of family meal time while traveling

There are a few guidelines to help you get the most enjoyment from meal time with family:

Don’t go to a restaurant that has TVs. TVs and tablets are just distractions that take away from family meal time. Choose a place with a fun atmosphere. If you can’t find a restaurant without TVs, try to position your family so they are not distracted by the television programming.

Avoid buffets. Go to a restaurant that waits on you, which will give you a chance to interact with the wait staff and learn more about the location. With a buffet, someone is always getting up for more food, interrupting the flow of conversation.

Choose a restaurant with good wholesome food that is within budget. Consider any dietary restrictions your family may have. With a little research, you should be able to find a casual dining restaurant that fills those needs.

Turn off cell phones. Your kids need your attention, and you need theirs. Any cell phone time takes away from family meal time.

Where to go for meal time in the Texas Panhandle

If you are traveling in, around or through the Texas Panhandle, you need to stop at one of the two Dyer’s BBQ locations. With a casual environment, you and your family can enjoy some of the best BBQ Texas has to offer.

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