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Restaurant Bars Make Great Neighborhood Gathering Places

Endlessly searching for the perfect bar where everybody knows your favorite drink? You may be looking in the wrong places. There are some incredibly unique benefits to be found at your local restaurant bar that will leave that pricey upscale club in the dust. Some of these benefits include finding the “TV experience”, having a conversation in a normal tone, becoming a regular, and having some Texas BBQ with your favorite drink.

Find the “TV experience”

The “TV experience” is that perfect place to hang out where everybody knows your favorite color, where you’re from, and yes, even your name. Everyone wants that special place to call their home away from home. This kind of experience cannot be found at those hip, high-energy clubs and bars. You are much more likely to find the “TV experience” at a local restaurant bar.

Have a conversation in a normal tone

One of the biggest benefits of going to a local restaurant bar is that you will be able to hold an actual conversation. Instead of screaming over the club music and holding your ears, you can sit and converse with people like normal.

Become a regular

Are you tired of becoming one of the masses and being forgotten by the same bartender that started your tab? This forgetfulness can be all too common with clubs and bars. At these places the customers are treated like a number, and the staff is too focused on current promotions to remember you. Clubs and bars are not looking for repeat customers and live by the motto: “More patrons equals more money.” Try out a local restaurant bar instead, they know you probably live nearby and want their bar to become your regular hang-out. At a local restaurant bar you will find friendly staff members with enough time to remember you and your drink of choice.

Becoming a regular at a restaurant bar should be your ultimate goal. Eventually, you may get your own spot and may even get a sandwich named after you! After frequenting your local restaurant bar of choice, your bartender and wait staff might even be able to guess your order. You can impress your friends by announcing that you will have “the usual” and the staff will know exactly what that means.

Have some Texas BBQ with your favorite drink

Odds are that when you go out you will also be hungry instead of just thirsty. One of the best advantages of going to your local restaurant bar, instead of that club down the street, is the full menu. You can snack on great food instead of stale peanuts and mediocre appetizers. One of your best bets in Texas is to go to a great BBQ restaurant bar. What can be better than Texas BBQ, drinks, and a great place for friends?

Looking for the perfect restaurant bar serving Texas BBQ in your area? Dyer’s BBQ has convenient locations in both Amarillo and Pampa, Texas. If you have any questions, or simply desire some great Texas BBQ, call us today at (806) 358-7104 for our Amarillo location or at (806) 665-4401 for our Pampa location. You can also contact us via email on Contact Us.