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BBQ Is A Perfect Staple In The Paleo Diet

Paleo enthusiasts can do it all; they’ve even taught BBQ fanatics a thing or two. The Paleo diet is climbing the popularity charts with nuts, fish, and leafy greens being the main components. And now, BBQ is accepted into the Paleo system.

In defense of the caveman

To call the Paleo Diet a “new fad” is more than a bit misleading. This back-to-basics diet has been around since the mid-1970s. The Paleo diet did pick up steam in the 1990s, but really began gaining renewed traction four years ago. In 2010, the Paleo Lifestyle received recognition from the medical community as an acceptable alternative to the modern American diet.

Updated statistics indicate that 66% of the population is overweight. 33% of the population are also considered obese. This fact takes the “you are what you eat” argument to a new level. There has also been a steady increase in gluten, lactose intolerance, diabetes, food allergies, and other nutrition-related health problems. So, obesity isn’t the only problem.

All of which leads us to the cornerstone of the Paleo Lifestyle. This lifestyle consists of three simple rules. First, no grains. Grains contain proteins and toxins our bodies aren’t designed to process. Second, it’s time to cut out sugar too. Sugar is sweet, but it’s so prevalent, no good can come from it. Third, no processed foods. Just because it’s edible does not mean it’s suitable for eating. If a caveman can eat it, you can do the same.

Tearing a page from an ancient cookbook

In the Paleo diet you can eat anything that’s “winged” whether it’s chicken, duck, hen or turkey. As far as meat goes, choose grass-fed, not grain-fed. Animals and humans respond similarly to grain. The Paleo diet also allows for wild fish and omega-3 enriched eggs as well, and any type of vegetable. It’s highly recommended to indulge in oils such as olive, coconut, and avocado. Fruits, nuts, tubers (sweet potatoes and yams) complete the diet. You can even enjoy BBQ while on this diet! Higher in calories and carbs, these foods replenish the body after physical activity. This makes the Paleo diet the perfect after workout snack.

Adding BBQ to the Paleo diet

This list is enough to get you started. No doubt you noticed it’s missing good Texas BBQ. Have no fear, there is a Paleo-approved solution for that. Dry rub seasoning uses natural ingredients which leaves a richer taste and is a great deal healthier. Dry rubs create the BBQ flavor. However, this BBQ solution doesn’t conflict with the Paleo diet.

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