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Catered Texas BBQ Is Perfect For Any Event

For generations, Texans have loved BBQ. If you live in Texas, you probably don’t need to be sold on how great BBQ is. However, there are some definite reasons it surpasses all other options when it comes to choosing catering for your event.

Texas BBQ can fit any catering budget

The great thing about catered Texas BBQ is that the possibilities are endless. Barbecue can truly be customized for each event without straining your budget. A good catering staff will work with you to plan the right meal to please all your guests. Delicious catered barbecue can be served individually on a plate or served buffet style. Catered Texas BBQ is an ideal option that can fit any budget.

Texas BBQ is tasty for all palates

Catered barbecue is also a great option because it can satisfy the pickiest guests. Choose from a variety of different meats such as pork, beef, chicken, ribs, or sausage. Texas BBQ is delicious with or without sauce. Add the traditional side dishes of potato salad, cole slaw, red beans, stewed apricots, and a biscuit. Regardless of dietary needs, your guests will have tasty options.

Impress your guests with a mobile pit

To really impress your guests, consider arranging for a mobile pit. Seeing the pitmaster at work will make your guests feel like part of the process. Catering your event with Texas BBQ and a mobile pit will leave your guests talking about it long after it is over.

Texas BBQ is Ideal for any type and size of event

Catered barbecue is perfect for those fancy black-tie affairs, company meetings, or casual celebrations. By adding a serving staff, appetizers, and desserts, BBQ is perfect for formal gatherings such as wedding receptions or banquets. You can also have a Texas BBQ buffet for relaxed events such as family reunions, fundraisers, or birthday parties. Whether formal or casual, catered Texas barbecue is great for any event.

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