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Catered Texas BBQ Is Perfect For Any Event

For generations, Texans have loved BBQ. If you live in Texas, you probably don’t need to be sold on how great BBQ is. However, there are some definite reasons it surpasses all other options when it comes to choosing catering for your event.

Texas BBQ can fit any catering budget

The great thing about catered Texas BBQ is that the possibilities are endless. Barbecue can truly be customized for each event without straining your budget. A good catering staff will work with you to plan the right meal to please all your guests. Delicious catered barbecue can be served individually on a plate or served buffet style. Catered Texas BBQ is an ideal option that can fit any budget.

Texas BBQ is tasty for all palates

Catered barbecue is also a great option because it can satisfy the pickiest guests. Choose from a variety of different meats such as pork, beef, chicken, ribs, or sausage. Texas BBQ is delicious with or without sauce. Add the traditional side dishes of potato salad, cole slaw, red beans, stewed apricots, and a biscuit. Regardless of dietary needs, your guests will have tasty options.

Impress your guests with a mobile pit

To really impress your guests, consider arranging for a mobile pit. Seeing the pitmaster at work will make your guests feel like part of the process. Catering your event with Texas BBQ and a mobile pit will leave your guests talking about it long after it is over.

Texas BBQ is Ideal for any type and size of event

Catered barbecue is perfect for those fancy black-tie affairs, company meetings, or casual celebrations. By adding a serving staff, appetizers, and desserts, BBQ is perfect for formal gatherings such as wedding receptions or banquets. You can also have a Texas BBQ buffet for relaxed events such as family reunions, fundraisers, or birthday parties. Whether formal or casual, catered Texas barbecue is great for any event.

Dyer’s Bar-B-Que is the expert in catering all types and sizes of events in the Texas panhandle. Feel free to call us today at (806) 358-7104 at our Amarillo location or (806) 665-4401 at our Pampa location. You can also contact us via email or learn more About Us. Before your next event, stop on by and visit our restaurants in Amarillo and Pampa to get a real Texas BBQ meal!

What Is Texas BBQ?

While most residents are familiar with the classic Lone Star dish, there are a few basics of Texas BBQ that those new to the state may not be aware of. Texas BBQ, also known as “cowboy style,” is slow-cooked using pecan, hickory, oak or mesquite smoke to cook native beef to the point of falling off the bone. The meat is typically prepared with a rub of spices, then served with a ketchup-based sauce.

History of Texas BBQ

Barbecue is said to have come to America in the 17th Century through Caribbean slaves traded in the Carolinas. In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson featured Texas BBQ at a state dinner for the Mexican President-elect. The event was held in Johnson City and is considered the first dinner of its stature to feature barbecue.

Preparation of Texas BBQ

Preparing Texas BBQ requires acquired skills and is generally labor intensive. Building a fire of smoky wood, then choosing the right cuts of lean Texas beef, is just the start of a pitmaster’s chore. Most equate Texas BBQ with a sauce-slathered brisket, but the more tender shoulder clod is becoming increasingly popular for barbecue enthusiasts. The clod is a combination of the beef shoulder area and includes muscles that are, overall, more tender than a brisket. Since there are several muscles and a variety of tenderness to consider, slow, low temperature cooking is generally the best method of preparation.

Seasoning and other traditional BBQ enhancers

Whether a brisket, a clod, or another delicious cut of Texas beef, seasoning with rubs adds distinctive flavor. Most rubs are based in a mixture of salt and pepper, adding spices that may retain the meat’s moisture. Other rubs can evolve into a type of dry marinade.

When a perfectly-prepared chunk of beef comes off the spit, it’s ready for saucing. The beef is laid near traditional side dishes like slow cooked pinto beans, fresh potato salad, and coleslaw. True Texas BBQ restaurants serve crispy onion rings and even stewed apricots to enhance the taste of the smoky beef.

For the tastiest Texas BBQ in Amarillo, come see us at Dyer’s Bar-B-Que. For four generations, the Dyer’s family has prepared mouth-watering authentic Texas BBQ and wholesome side dishes. All of this is served in our family-friendly restaurant. We are conveniently located at 1619 S. Kentucky E #526. We also have a location in Pampa, Texas at 11816 U.S. Highway 60. Feel free to drop us an email via Contact Us or give us a call at (806) 358-7104.

Mississippi Catfish Is A Better Choice Than The Imported Alternative

The United States is the third largest consumer of seafood in the world and catfish is one of the most consumed types of fish in the U.S, especially Mississippi catfish. Before eating imported fish, there are some problems you should consider. Farm raised Mississippi catfish is a much healthier choice and is available at your local Texas BBQ restaurant.

Problems with imported fish

The NOAA estimates that about 91% of the seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported. The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization states that China accounts for 62% of all the farmed seafood in the world. When you consider these figures, it is not surprising to find out that China is one of the largest suppliers of fish eaten in the U.S.

Why should you be concerned where the fish you eat comes from? The U.S. has had problems with some countries, and China especially, regarding merchandise that is made there.

In 2007, the FDA banned seafood imports from China that were found to contain antimicrobial drugs including fluoroquinolone. These drugs are not approved for use in food animals in the United States because they are carcinogenic over the long term. The fish farmers in China were adding these drugs to deal with the rampant problem of fungal and bacterial infections in the fish. These infections and other diseases are so common because of the poor conditions caused by pollution from over farming and bad feeding practices.

In April of 2014, the FDA issued an import alert for fish due to the presence of Salmonella. The list of fish sources from China, Hong Kong, and other Southeast Asian countries included in this import alert is astounding. Clearly, this problem isn’t new and it isn’t going away.

Why is Mississippi catfish better?

According to the NOAA, U.S. fisheries have some of the most stringent requirements regarding fish safety and sustainability. The U.S. is often seen as a global leader in this area. The NOAA recommends choosing farm raised fish, which includes catfish. This choice is a way to ensure the fish is healthy, and produced in a sustainable manner, minimizing the environmental impact of the seafood industry. The Delta area of Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana produces the majority of the farm raised catfish in the U.S. Production in Mississippi surpasses the other three states combined. The feeding and farming practices in the Delta area of Mississippi produce a healthier, higher quality, milder tasting catfish. Mississippi catfish is a perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle.

Where can you find Mississippi catfish?

Dyers BBQ offers the best Mississippi catfish and authentic Texas barbeque that will make your mouth water. If you have any questions about our products, menu or catering services, you can contact our Amarillo location at (806) 358-7104 or our Pampa location at (806) 665-4401. You can also connect with us via e-mail by clicking on Contact Us. We look forward to seeing you the next time you are in the mood for some real Texas BBQ and Mississippi catfish!

Restaurant Bars Make Great Neighborhood Gathering Places

Endlessly searching for the perfect bar where everybody knows your favorite drink? You may be looking in the wrong places. There are some incredibly unique benefits to be found at your local restaurant bar that will leave that pricey upscale club in the dust. Some of these benefits include finding the “TV experience”, having a conversation in a normal tone, becoming a regular, and having some Texas BBQ with your favorite drink.

Find the “TV experience”

The “TV experience” is that perfect place to hang out where everybody knows your favorite color, where you’re from, and yes, even your name. Everyone wants that special place to call their home away from home. This kind of experience cannot be found at those hip, high-energy clubs and bars. You are much more likely to find the “TV experience” at a local restaurant bar.

Have a conversation in a normal tone

One of the biggest benefits of going to a local restaurant bar is that you will be able to hold an actual conversation. Instead of screaming over the club music and holding your ears, you can sit and converse with people like normal.

Become a regular

Are you tired of becoming one of the masses and being forgotten by the same bartender that started your tab? This forgetfulness can be all too common with clubs and bars. At these places the customers are treated like a number, and the staff is too focused on current promotions to remember you. Clubs and bars are not looking for repeat customers and live by the motto: “More patrons equals more money.” Try out a local restaurant bar instead, they know you probably live nearby and want their bar to become your regular hang-out. At a local restaurant bar you will find friendly staff members with enough time to remember you and your drink of choice.

Becoming a regular at a restaurant bar should be your ultimate goal. Eventually, you may get your own spot and may even get a sandwich named after you! After frequenting your local restaurant bar of choice, your bartender and wait staff might even be able to guess your order. You can impress your friends by announcing that you will have “the usual” and the staff will know exactly what that means.

Have some Texas BBQ with your favorite drink

Odds are that when you go out you will also be hungry instead of just thirsty. One of the best advantages of going to your local restaurant bar, instead of that club down the street, is the full menu. You can snack on great food instead of stale peanuts and mediocre appetizers. One of your best bets in Texas is to go to a great BBQ restaurant bar. What can be better than Texas BBQ, drinks, and a great place for friends?

Looking for the perfect restaurant bar serving Texas BBQ in your area? Dyer’s BBQ has convenient locations in both Amarillo and Pampa, Texas. If you have any questions, or simply desire some great Texas BBQ, call us today at (806) 358-7104 for our Amarillo location or at (806) 665-4401 for our Pampa location. You can also contact us via email on Contact Us.

How To Enjoy Family Meal Time While Traveling

Traveling is a great time to reconnect with your spouse and kids. Be sure to take the time to stop, get out of the car and actually sit with your family to eat a wholesome meal. There are many benefits to family meal time, even when traveling. However, there are some guidelines to follow in order to have a more meaningful time at the table. Along with these guidelines, if you and your family are traveling near the Texas Panhandle, you can all enjoy BBQ during meal time.

Benefits of family meal time while traveling

Give yourself plenty of time for sitting down to eat, relax and enjoy those moments with your spouse and children. Eating in a hurry defeats the purpose of having a family meal time. Meal time is great for discussing today’s events or for planning the rest of the trip.

Traveling a great distance can make anyone restless. Meal time gives you the opportunity to get away from the car. Picking a casual restaurant for meal time will let the kids relax and get rid of any pent up energy they might have. After relaxing, take some time to learn about your location. Talk to the locals, walk around and see some of the sights.

Be open to trying new foods. Sometimes it is tempting to stick with what you know the kids will eat. Try a local restaurant instead. You can find some of the best food, great customer service, and new flavors in the process. By eating at someplace new to the whole family, it will become a more memorable time.

A sit-down restaurant usually offers foods that are much more nutritious than what you are served at fast food restaurants. You can feel better that your family is well fed without the need for fast food’s empty calories.

The guidelines of family meal time while traveling

There are a few guidelines to help you get the most enjoyment from meal time with family:

Don’t go to a restaurant that has TVs. TVs and tablets are just distractions that take away from family meal time. Choose a place with a fun atmosphere. If you can’t find a restaurant without TVs, try to position your family so they are not distracted by the television programming.

Avoid buffets. Go to a restaurant that waits on you, which will give you a chance to interact with the wait staff and learn more about the location. With a buffet, someone is always getting up for more food, interrupting the flow of conversation.

Choose a restaurant with good wholesome food that is within budget. Consider any dietary restrictions your family may have. With a little research, you should be able to find a casual dining restaurant that fills those needs.

Turn off cell phones. Your kids need your attention, and you need theirs. Any cell phone time takes away from family meal time.

Where to go for meal time in the Texas Panhandle

If you are traveling in, around or through the Texas Panhandle, you need to stop at one of the two Dyer’s BBQ locations. With a casual environment, you and your family can enjoy some of the best BBQ Texas has to offer.

If you have questions about any of Dyer’s BBQ products, our services, or want more information, call us today at (806) 358-7104 at our Amarillo location or (806) 665-4401 at our Pampa location. You can also connect with us via email on Contact Us. Check out our website to read more About Us and to see our full menu and BBQ catering services.

Types Of Wood Used For Smoking And Barbecuing Meats

Wood and the smoke that emits from burning logs differentiate BBQ from any other type of outdoor cooking. BBQ traditions vary by location. Usually, BBQ is done using hardwood logs. However, too much heat and smoke and using the wrong type of wood can ruin the meat. There is a variety of wood to use for BBQ from Hickory to Pecan. As the pitmaster, you should already know how to burn the wood effectively. You can also enhance the texture and taste of your food by basting or rubbing to create the perfect meal.

Geographical BBQ traditions

Different geographical areas in the United States have different traditions for BBQ. These traditions have come about due to the local flora, as availability of wood for BBQ depends on it. Traditionally, most places tend to favor hickory, mesquite, oak and even grapevine cuttings to flavor meats while barbecuing and smoking.

Types of wood to use for BBQ and smoking meats

If you want to become a great at-home pitmaster, you should be aware of the best wood for BBQ.

Hickory is popular among Southern and several Midwestern states, giving strong flavor to the meats. However, be careful while using hickory, as too much smoke can cause meats to taste bitter.

Out of all the oaks and hardwoods, red oak is considered the best, especially for smoking meats. Oak is strong, but it does not tend to overpower the taste and texture of the meat. If you are cooking or smoking beef or lamb, this is the best hardwood to use.

Restaurants tend to favor mesquite, which is naturally oily and tends to burn hot and fast. Mesquite is not the best choice for hosting long and lazy barbecues.

Use Grapevine cuttings for BBQ beef, poultry and fish to give your meats a nice and delicate flavor. The downside of grapevine cuttings is the vast amounts of pungent smoke.

Apple wood imparts a mild flavor and sweetness to meats. It would be best to only use this wood for BBQ pork, especially ham, and poultry.

Cherry wood is ideal for barbecuing pork and beef, and gives a vibrant mahogany color to the meat. You can balance cherry wood by mixing it with hickory, oak, or pecan.

The Pecan tree belongs to the hickory family. This wood is great for long barbecues, as it burns slowly, and gives meats a delicate flavor. Also a wonderful smoking wood, but pecan tends to be pungent and is best used in moderation.

Other woods that are popular to use for BBQ and smoked meats include maple, alder ash, pear, and plum. Herb woods such as rosemary, thyme and basil are popular as well.

There are some woods that are not recommended to use for smoking and cooking meats. These woods include spruce, redwood, sycamore, cedar, cypress, elm, pine, fir, and eucalyptus.

The knowledge of the pitmaster

A good pitmaster knows not only about wood, but also how to burn it effectively and control flare-ups. You also need to know about the different cuts of meat. Some meat cuts require more heat to cook thoroughly, while others need less.

Enhancing texture and taste with basting or rubbing

As you barbecue and smoke meats over wood, you will need to baste the meats to prevent it from drying. Basting has an effect on the texture, and also the taste. When you slowly BBQ or smoke meats, rub the meat with a dry mix of spices. Rubbing this mixture of spices onto your food is all that is needed to keep juices intact and enhance the taste.

When you want to go out for some great smoked BBQ in Amarillo and Pampa, Dyer’s Bar-B-Que is your best choice. Dyer’s Bar-B-Que has two pit masters and uses only high quality woods to smoke and cook their meats. We can cater your events, and our mobile pit can add that special touch to wow your guests. Call us at (806) 358-7104 in Amarillo, Texas or (806) 665-4401 in Pampa, Texas. For more information, read About Us or Contact Us via email. We invite you to visit our restaurant in Amarillo and Pampa when you yearn for some real Texas BBQ!

An Historical Look At Dyers BBQ: A Texas Panhandle Tradition

Dyer’s BBQ is a testament to one family’s dedication to the craft of making good Texas BBQ! Their love and commitment to making the best product possible is why Dyer’s has become a North Texas landmark for good food and fun.

The story begins with Finance and Neva

The story starts with learning a bit about the restaurant’s founders, Finance and Neva Dyer. The couple married in 1943, and Finance Dyer was a veteran of World War II. After returning home from the war, he worked as a Pampa, Texas police officer, and later as a fireman in the same town. Eventually, Finance ended up becoming fire chief after a long, dedicated career.

In 1967, Finance and Neva, along with their son Roy, opened the doors to Dyer’s BBQ in Pampa. The family began a long Texas Panhandle tradition. Finance was still working as a fireman, but that soon ended as the restaurant business became the family’s main focus. By 1984, the restaurant had become so popular the family decided to open another location in Amarillo.

“Isn’t this a glorious day for working,” was Finance’s famous quote to neighbors. Finance’s words reflected his pride in providing service as well as quality Texas BBQ to the folks in the Texas Panhandle. Unfortunately, the family lost Finance in 2005 and Neva the following year. The legacy they left behind though is rich and full.

The story continues today with family

Dyer’s is still a family undertaking. Finance and Neva’s son, Roy, has been involved with the restaurant since it first opened in 1967. His children, Brent and Angela, are both involved in operations today, as is Brent’s son, Nick.

These days, Roy and his wife Christy work out of the restaurant in Amarillo. Roy’s son, Brent, is general manager of the restaurant in Pampa and Brent’s son, Nick, manages the restaurant in Amarillo. Roy’s daughter, Angela, works as a bartender in the Amarillo restaurant, as well.

The mouthwatering BBQ is the craft of the pit masters, Roy and Nick. The pitmasters man the smokers in the permanent pits in the restaurants as well as at the mobile pit used for catering. Dyer’s BBQ provides succulent Texas BBQ throughout the Texas Panhandle and beyond.

What makes Dyer’s BBQ so special?

Dyer’s has become a hallmark in the Texas Panhandle. The secret to Dyer’s success is the care and attention they put to the meats and sides they serve. Everything is homemade, and this restaurant use the best suppliers. Texas beef is the only kind used in Dyer’s smokers. This restaurant also uses domestically raised catfish, and quality woods. The family realizes that paying more for better quality brings people back.

Dyer’s BBQ also listens to their customers, and custom cuts of meat are available upon request. The family and the restaurant’s employees take pride in providing outstanding customer service. This dedication has been recognized by many awards for hard work and quality products.

Dyer’s commitment to the community

Not only does Dyer’s provide amazing Texas BBQ, they have made their mark on the people too. The work ethic displayed by the Dyer family has inspired generations of workers. Many professionals in the Texas Panhandle today started out working at Dyer’s when they were teenagers and young adults.

Dyer’s BBQ actively participates in the Go Texan program, using domestic and Texas-owned suppliers to support local economies. The company plays an active role with many community organizations including the Golden Spread Boy Scouts, Randall Co. Junior Livestock show, Panhandle Friends of the NRA, Special Olympics, and more!

To try some Dyer’s mouthwatering BBQ, stop by one of our locations in Amarillo or Pampa. If you have any questions, or want to talk about a catering order, call us today at (806) 358-7104 in Amarillo, Texas or (806) 665-4401 in Pampa, Texas. You can also Contact Us via email. We welcome you to visit both our restaurants when you want some real Texas BBQ!

BBQ Is A Perfect Staple In The Paleo Diet

Paleo enthusiasts can do it all; they’ve even taught BBQ fanatics a thing or two. The Paleo diet is climbing the popularity charts with nuts, fish, and leafy greens being the main components. And now, BBQ is accepted into the Paleo system.

In defense of the caveman

To call the Paleo Diet a “new fad” is more than a bit misleading. This back-to-basics diet has been around since the mid-1970s. The Paleo diet did pick up steam in the 1990s, but really began gaining renewed traction four years ago. In 2010, the Paleo Lifestyle received recognition from the medical community as an acceptable alternative to the modern American diet.

Updated statistics indicate that 66% of the population is overweight. 33% of the population are also considered obese. This fact takes the “you are what you eat” argument to a new level. There has also been a steady increase in gluten, lactose intolerance, diabetes, food allergies, and other nutrition-related health problems. So, obesity isn’t the only problem.

All of which leads us to the cornerstone of the Paleo Lifestyle. This lifestyle consists of three simple rules. First, no grains. Grains contain proteins and toxins our bodies aren’t designed to process. Second, it’s time to cut out sugar too. Sugar is sweet, but it’s so prevalent, no good can come from it. Third, no processed foods. Just because it’s edible does not mean it’s suitable for eating. If a caveman can eat it, you can do the same.

Tearing a page from an ancient cookbook

In the Paleo diet you can eat anything that’s “winged” whether it’s chicken, duck, hen or turkey. As far as meat goes, choose grass-fed, not grain-fed. Animals and humans respond similarly to grain. The Paleo diet also allows for wild fish and omega-3 enriched eggs as well, and any type of vegetable. It’s highly recommended to indulge in oils such as olive, coconut, and avocado. Fruits, nuts, tubers (sweet potatoes and yams) complete the diet. You can even enjoy BBQ while on this diet! Higher in calories and carbs, these foods replenish the body after physical activity. This makes the Paleo diet the perfect after workout snack.

Adding BBQ to the Paleo diet

This list is enough to get you started. No doubt you noticed it’s missing good Texas BBQ. Have no fear, there is a Paleo-approved solution for that. Dry rub seasoning uses natural ingredients which leaves a richer taste and is a great deal healthier. Dry rubs create the BBQ flavor. However, this BBQ solution doesn’t conflict with the Paleo diet.

If you have questions about any of our BBQ products or services, call us today. For Amarillo, (806) 358-7104 or (806) 665-4401 for our Pampa, Texas location. Check out our catering options and menu. You can also connect with us via email on Contact Us. We welcome you to visit our stores in Amarillo and Pampa, Texas when you want some real Texas BBQ!