An Historical Look At Dyers BBQ: A Texas Panhandle Tradition

Dyer’s BBQ is a testament to one family’s dedication to the craft of making good Texas BBQ! Their love and commitment to making the best product possible is why Dyer’s has become a North Texas landmark for good food and fun.

The story begins with Finance and Neva

The story starts with learning a bit about the restaurant’s founders, Finance and Neva Dyer. The couple married in 1943, and Finance Dyer was a veteran of World War II. After returning home from the war, he worked as a Pampa, Texas police officer, and later as a fireman in the same town. Eventually, Finance ended up becoming fire chief after a long, dedicated career.

In 1967, Finance and Neva, along with their son Roy, opened the doors to Dyer’s BBQ in Pampa. The family began a long Texas Panhandle tradition. Finance was still working as a fireman, but that soon ended as the restaurant business became the family’s main focus. By 1984, the restaurant had become so popular the family decided to open another location in Amarillo.

“Isn’t this a glorious day for working,” was Finance’s famous quote to neighbors. Finance’s words reflected his pride in providing service as well as quality Texas BBQ to the folks in the Texas Panhandle. Unfortunately, the family lost Finance in 2005 and Neva the following year. The legacy they left behind though is rich and full.

The story continues today with family

Dyer’s is still a family undertaking. Finance and Neva’s son, Roy, has been involved with the restaurant since it first opened in 1967. His children, Brent and Angela, are both involved in operations today, as is Brent’s son, Nick.

These days, Roy and his wife Christy work out of the restaurant in Amarillo. Roy’s son, Brent, is general manager of the restaurant in Pampa and Brent’s son, Nick, manages the restaurant in Amarillo. Roy’s daughter, Angela, works as a bartender in the Amarillo restaurant, as well.

The mouthwatering BBQ is the craft of the pit masters, Roy and Nick. The pitmasters man the smokers in the permanent pits in the restaurants as well as at the mobile pit used for catering. Dyer’s BBQ provides succulent Texas BBQ throughout the Texas Panhandle and beyond.

What makes Dyer’s BBQ so special?

Dyer’s has become a hallmark in the Texas Panhandle. The secret to Dyer’s success is the care and attention they put to the meats and sides they serve. Everything is homemade, and this restaurant use the best suppliers. Texas beef is the only kind used in Dyer’s smokers. This restaurant also uses domestically raised catfish, and quality woods. The family realizes that paying more for better quality brings people back.

Dyer’s BBQ also listens to their customers, and custom cuts of meat are available upon request. The family and the restaurant’s employees take pride in providing outstanding customer service. This dedication has been recognized by many awards for hard work and quality products.

Dyer’s commitment to the community

Not only does Dyer’s provide amazing Texas BBQ, they have made their mark on the people too. The work ethic displayed by the Dyer family has inspired generations of workers. Many professionals in the Texas Panhandle today started out working at Dyer’s when they were teenagers and young adults.

Dyer’s BBQ actively participates in the Go Texan program, using domestic and Texas-owned suppliers to support local economies. The company plays an active role with many community organizations including the Golden Spread Boy Scouts, Randall Co. Junior Livestock show, Panhandle Friends of the NRA, Special Olympics, and more!

To try some Dyer’s mouthwatering BBQ, stop by one of our locations in Amarillo or Pampa. If you have any questions, or want to talk about a catering order, call us today at (806) 358-7104 in Amarillo, Texas or (806) 665-4401 in Pampa, Texas. You can also Contact Us via email. We welcome you to visit both our restaurants when you want some real Texas BBQ!

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